1. A Winter Morning (1887) by Peter Henry Emerson

    In the book ‘Pictures From Life In Field And Fen,’ photographer Peter Henry Emerson observes and records scenes of country life in East Anglia, England, including Norfolk, Suffolk, and part of Cambridgeshire. This first picture features a cloaked woman on the edge of a frozen pond watched by two other figures. In his six page introduction on art history and aesthetics Emerson argues against commercialism and “a prejudice among the unthinking public against photography, chiefly because it has been called a mechanical process.” He dedicates his work to the memory of French inventor Niepce. “We have adopted a reproductive process for publishing these plates. This process is…an automatic etching on copper, as first discovered by Niepce.”

    Text by Peter Henry Emerson from the illustrated book’Pictures From Life In Field And Fen’

    (Source: bl.uk)

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