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  1. Tsukiji Market, Tokyo, 2014.


    13 notes tsukiji market 築地市場 築地 tsukiji fishmarket Tsukiji fish Market tsukiji tokyo 東京 2014
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  3. Kiyoshi Yamashita

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    13 notes kiyoshi yamashita 山下清 力道山 rikidozan wrestler wrestling
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  5. burnedshoes:

    at Gallery Tosei, Tokyo, Japan

    Chang Chao-Tang was a high school student in 1959 when he borrowed his older brother’s Aires Automat 120 twin-lens reflex camera without much thought. He liked going for long walks with the camera after school; it eased the burden of his homework. Eventually, he found himself taking photos with the camera every day, photos of common people and places in Taiwan, like youngsters poking out of street corners or at beaches, farm animals, and dolls.

    “Those images are so pure and innocent,” he said. “You can’t go back to that kind of feeling.”

    Mr. Chang hardly suspected that he would grow up to become one of Taiwan’s most important photographers — in fact, he had such little regard for this kind of future that he did not even bother to save his negatives. Yet half a century later, these images have been in major exhibitions, including one that opens this week at the Gallery Tosei in Japan. (more info and pictures here)

    Exhibition dates:
    April 4 - April 26, 2014

    46 notes 張照堂 chang chao tang chang chaotang 冬青社 tosei sha tokyo 2014 exhibition taiwan photography photographer
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  7. Tokyo Metro posters remind commuters to behave

    (Source: Flickr / shihlun)

    6 notes poster tokyo metro 東京 metro 東京メトロ tokyo 2014 Design
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  9. Toilet, Tsukiji Market, Tokyo.

    (Source: Flickr / shihlun)

    9 notes toilet tsukiji market tsukiji fishmarket Tsukiji fish Market tokyo 築地市場 築地 便所 2014 東京 architecture
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  11. mudwerks:

    Pills and Promises (by wackystuff)

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  13. Henri Matisse, The Music, 1910.

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    7,932 notes henri matisse music painting 1910 matisse
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  15. mianoti:

    Timm Ulrichs *
    Interpretation of Walter Benjamin: “Das Kunstwerk im Zeitalter seiner technischen Reproduzierbarkeit”; Die Photokopie der Photokopie der Photokopie der Photokopie, 1967

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    60 notes walter benjamin timm ulrichs
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  17. Journal of the Ulm School for Design, March 1965.

    Cover Designer: Tomás Gonda

    25 notes design tomás gonda tomas gonda magazine cover book cover Design graphic design 1965 journal of the ulm school for design
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  19. 埔里「合長興商店」,1934年。

    26 notes taiwan nantou 1934 japanese colonial period japanese colonial rule 台灣 南投 埔里
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  21. Nantou, Taiwan, 1950s.

    107 notes taiwan nantou 1950s pedicab 台灣 南投 埔里 三輪車
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  23. 255 notes chang chao tang chang chaotang 張照堂 taiwan 1960
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  25. Installation of Chang Chao-Tang's exhibition Before & After at Place M Gallery in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

    2014.4.7-4.20  張照堂 Chang,Chao-Tang“その前&その後” Before & After


    8 notes 張照堂 chang chao tang chang chaotang place m placem exhibition installation shot tokyo shinjuku taiwan photographer photography プレイスm
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  27. Installation of Chang Chao-Tang's exhibition Before & After at Place M Gallery in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

    2014.4.7-4.20  張照堂 Chang,Chao-Tang“その前&その後” Before & After

    28 notes installation shot chang chao tang 張照堂 chang chaotang placem place m tokyo exhibition 2014 shinjuku プレイスm 808 state photography photographer
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  29. iwentleft:

    untitled by (x)99. on Flickr.

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    53 notes sea
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