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  1. 2 notes 文化と印刷 島屋政一 book cover
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    173 notes camera flash
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  5. Daido Moriyama

    24 notes daido moriyama 森山大道
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  7. Masato Seto (瀬戸正人), owner of “Place M” Gallery, Tokyo.

    (Source: Flickr / shihlun)

    7 notes masato seto 瀬戸正人 place m placem tokyo
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  9. Chris Marker hiding behind cats at La Jetee Bar in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

    (from Wim Wender's film “Tokyo-Ga”,1985)

    43 notes chris marker wim wenders tokyo ga cat la jetee bar la jetee shinjuku tokyo golden gai 新宿ゴールデン街 新宿 東京 東京画 1985 Film
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  11. 「状況 1965」「状況 1966」

    published by 全日本学生写真連盟

    11 notes 全日本学生写真連盟 1968 japan protest photo book 状況 condition 1966 all japan students photo association shomei tomatsu 東松照明 condition 1965 protest design
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  13. A fire burns in the Bronx while local kids continue to play ball.

    (Source: rbw)

    281 notes bronx basketball fire
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    3,010 notes noise airplane china air china
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  17. Klaus Staeck, Pornografie, 2007.

    15 notes klaus staeck pornografie found photography 2007 book cover
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  19. (Source: jjberg, via chen-wanyin)

    179 notes
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  21. Meiro Koizumi, Sunday at Hirohito’s  2012.

    The name “Sunday at Hirohito’s” is taken from the series of photos taken in December 1945 and published by the American Life Magazine in February 1946 called, “Sunday at Hirohito’s- Emperor poses for first informal pictures”. It was the first time the Japanese public saw him in daily settings. American’s purpose was to provide an image of the emperor as an ordinary person instead of a divine figure. In 1946, on January 1st, as part of a New year’s statement, he made the Humanity Declaration (Renounciation of Divinity) under American’s request. Meiro Koizumi painted anatomical images over his figure to push the concept further.

    161 notes meiro koizumi 小泉明郎 emperor Hirohito hirohito emperor showa 昭和天皇 裕仁 tenno 人間天皇
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  23. 「北支」(The North China),昭和17年2月号。


    22 notes political propaganda magazine cover japan imperialism china 昭和17年 1942 中國
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  25. 「美人座大酒家」廣告,1978年。


    5 notes 那卡西 nakasi 流し 廣告 advertising taiwan 酒家 1978
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  27. Chihiro Minato - Uluru. Central Desert. Australia, 1997.

    (Source: yama-bato)

    509 notes chihiro minato 港千尋 desert australia 1997
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  29. (Source: gouldbookbinder)

    19 notes chihiro minato 港千尋 注視者の日記 book cover
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